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Teaching Philosophy


I have been teaching Italian in different academic contexts (in Italy, Tunisia, France, UK, and USA) since 2010. I have taught courses on 20th-21st century Italian literature, cinema, history, and also courses on modernism, Ariosto, Risorgimento, as well as translation, literary theory, linguistics, and language at all levels, both undergraduate and postgraduate, developing new modules and also taking over existing courses. My academic experience brings me to examine critically my own techniques, pushing me to constantly adapt them in order to respond to the current needs of my students.  

When planning a course, at first my main aim is to be very caring and well organized. I present straightforward syllabi, as well as work expectations. Clarity is the keyword for me. Then, I always try to transfer my passion for the subject directly into the lectures, through a careful use of readings, materials and slides that allow students to get all relevant content on a specific topic.  

I also want to establish great communication with students, in terms of reciprocal respect, kindness and trust. I am always willing to help and encourage them, especially when students need extra support. I am convinced that this approach allows students to work more productively. 

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